Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Sky Blue View's Big Day Out

Today was really a day to remember, as The Sky Blue View watched The Citizens in style. I started the day  hoping the game would not be called off, despite sub zero temperatures and heavy snow fall. We got to the stadium and we arrived at 'City@Home' at 3 o'clock, where we were to meet Mike Summerbee and assistant Kate Lyndley.

The Sky Blue View owners
Archie and Aaron with Mike Summerbee
Whilst we waited for Mike and Kate, we were escorted to MCFC's very own Starbucks where we were sat with the likes of Paul Power and Natalie Pike. When Mike came, he firstly introduced himself and congratulated us on the site and how well we have done. He then spoke about our exclusive interview with him and how well he thought it went. Mike seemed very impressed with the interview and quite chuffed at how well it went, but this is nothing to what we felt.

We were then introduced to Paul Power, who seemed very interested in what we do and he also said he would be willing to do an interview with us at some point. Unfortunately for me, he made a pop at my looks, saying I would be better suited to radio rather than TV due to my face, however I put this down as jealousy.

Testing Mancini's seat
After this, we made our way down to the Colin Bell Stand and we entered through the main entrance. Aaron and I were escorted down to the tunnel, where we had pictures taken with the Manchester City legend and tried out Roberto Mancini's chair, which I award 10 out of 10 for comfort.

After that, we went back down the tunnel, where Mike Summerbee was interviewed for ESPN and once again we had to wait due to Summerbee's extremely talkative and friendly ways - a great quality to have.

Mike Summerbee's ESPN interview
We made our way back up to ground level where we were given our tickets for the game - in the 'Directors Guest Lounge', where we were to sit until the game started. This is where we bid farewell to Mike and Kate. During this time, we made ourselves at home and took advantage of the great service available to us. We each ordered a Fosters right away.

When kick off approached, we went and took our seats in the stadium ready to enjoy the game. Our seats were leather, however I was disappointed with the lack of heating that came with them, as it was a very cold day!

The Director's Guest Lounge
At half time, we went back to the lounge and warmed ourselves up a bit with some soup, which was gratefully received by myself and Aaron.

The day was rounded off with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Fulham and today had to be one of the best experiences of my life. I would just like to thank Mike and Kate again for today and it really was a day I will never forget.

Last of all, we thank our fans who have been there supporting us and reading our articles. Without you, we would never have got to be so popular and be in a position where we are able to receive tickets from the club.


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