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City vs United: Build up

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My top 5 most memorable derbies....

By Aaron Leggott

With the big day almost upon us, I have decided to count down my all time most memorable Manchester derbies. Just so it is made clear, my top 5 will feature games I have been alive for, so anything before 1993 will not be included in the list! I start off at Number 5 with a game that we will all want to forget, but still a classic nonetheless....


United 4 - 3 City (September 2009)

With Bellamy seeming to have claimed a point for us against the odds, up stepped Michael Owen in the 96th minute of injury time to break our hearts. Needless to say I was a bit gutted at the time...


City 4 - 1 United (March 2004)

The first Manchester derby at The Etihad Stadium ended up being a memorable victory with City winning the second successive derby on home turf thanks to goals from Robbie Fowler, Jon Macken, Trevor Sinclair and SWP!


City 3 - 1 United (November 2002)

"Feed the Goat and he will score" and that's what Gary Neville did. The last ever Manchester derby at Maine Road and a great occasion for all Blues as Goater claimed his 100th goal, whilst embarrassing Neville in the process, wonderful stuff! 


United 1 - 6 City (October 2011)

What a game this was earlier in the season and I don't think any of us will ever forget this. After a Darren Fletcher goal in the 81st minute to narrow the 3-0 lead, City went rampant and could have easily scored more than 6.... what a day! 


City 1 - 0 United (April 2011)

The only reason I put the 6-1 in second was because of the importance of this FA Cup victory in the semi final last year. It seemed to be that moment when the players thought they could overcome anything, and to be at Wembley to witness Yaya Toure's goal will go down as one of my all time favourite moments in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 derbies, and if you want why don't you give us your top 5 in the comments below!! I'll leave you with a short video for tomorrow's game.... COME ON CITY!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Not a bad crop for a youngster first derby was the classic 3-3 in November 1971, that's probably the tops.
    Second, I'd say the 5-1 in 1989.
    Third, the 4-0 1975 League Cup destruction.
    Fourth, the 3-0 in 1972, when the King was denied a HT by Buchan's knee.
    Finally, the 3-1 in 1977, when Brian Kidd got a brace.

    Afraid it's a long time since I've seen the Blues live!!