Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Aguero or Tevez - Who fits in the team better?

After an explosive start to his City career, many have started to ask the question, who needs Carlos Tevez? From what we all saw yesterday, it seems as though we have picked up a bargain if Aguero can continue to display the talents he showed in the space of just 31 minutes, but who fits into our team better? Sergio Aguero or Carlos Tevez?

We all saw last season Tevez single handedly at times drag us up the table and through numerous games, he scored goals at crucial times and made many more. He also displayed the work rate that we all love to see in players at City, he worked like a machine to get back and help out the midfield and even defense at times which endured him to so many of us. However following his comments about Manchester in general he has lost some of these fans, and fairly so. 

Sergio Aguero has since been purchased, seemingly at the time to replace Tevez, despite the fact Tevez is yet to leave, and displayed most of the qualities that we saw in Carlos, the hard work, the skill, and the desire to create something out of nothing, as shown by the work to create the goal for Silva against Swansea. 

Comparing the two, they both are very similar, as mentioned above, but both also work very will with the creative influence of Silva, and should Nasri join, this can only be another positive influence on the attacking play. 

One point that maybe mentioned as a difference is that despite only being given 30 minutes yesterday, a supposedly tired and not fully fit Aguero managed to link up with Edin Dzeko on a number of occasions with quick one - two’s while we only really saw Tevez create two chances with Edin, in the same game against Leicester in the FA cup. However it might be harsh to judge either on this considering Aguero has only played 30 minutes and Carlos has limited playing time with Dzeko. 

So who is better for city? So far its hard to tell, both are top quality players and so far we can only call it a draw, we haven’t seen enough of Aguero as of yet, he played very well against an average side that was scared to put a hard challenge in on anybody, we can only judge after Aguero has faced players like Vidic, or Shawcross, who wont be afraid to give him a good kicking, either way, it can only be a good thing for us that we have two players of such quality at our disposal. 
Written by Jack Davies

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