Wednesday, 3 August 2011

News: David Silva would welcome Tevez return

This summer has seen Carlos Tevez reiterate his desire to leave the club to be closer to his family. It seemed like he was destined to move to Corinthians a couple of weeks ago, but the deal eventually collapsed due to City not receiving any evidence that the Brazilian club would pay the full transfer fee. With that deal collapsing, Tevez is set to return to Carrington tomorrow morning after being given an extended holiday due to his commitments in the Copa America, and his future doesn't seem to look like it'll be resolved any time soon.

"Carrington's that way, Carlos!" Silva happy to see Tevez return
This is no worry to David Silva, who, when asked about Carlos, said: "Carlos has to return and that's great. He's a very important player for us. I don't think there will be a problem. We know Carlos well. If he stays, great. There are a lot of competitions and we hope to play well in them all. He'd help that. I haven't spoken with him. When he's on holiday you have to leave him be and let him relax. That way he comes back and actually can't wait to come back."

From these quotes, it seems like the team will be happy to see the return of last season's top scorer, but after everything that has been said, manager Roberto Mancini will inevitably see things in a different light. The purchase of Sergio Aguero has paved the way for Tevez to move away, and it is clear that Mancini wants to create a squad that is happy to be at the club.

Silva, also talked about his hopes for City this coming season, in a season where he is expected to do big things: "This is my second season [at the club] and I hope it turns out well, like my first. I hope to win another trophy. At the end of last season we had some good performances."

He also spoke of his excitement to be playing alongside new signing Sergio Aguero this season, saying: "Sergio Aguero is a brilliant player. I think he'll turn out very well and he can really help us. We have to adapt with him and he has to adapt with us"

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