Saturday, 13 August 2011

Barclay's Premier League: Day 1 - Match Predictions

The Premier League starts today after a summer where all fans eagerly anticipated the return of the footballing season. Here, we will predict the scores for today's games and this will run continuously throughout the season. Manchester City don't feature in today's clashes, but we will still predict the scores.

Blackburn vs Wolves - 2-1
We feel that Blackburn may be able to grab something today at Ewood Park, and we think they will start the season strongly against Wolves today.

Fulham vs Aston Villa - 1-0
Fulham have added a couple of players such as John Arne Riise, and they have picked themselves up a new manager. This is the same for Villa and today's game will be eagerly anticipated as both sets of fans want to see their new managers take to the dugout. Villa have lost Ashley Young, and this could mean they lack a bit of creativity. However both sides will really be up for this today and we reckon the game will be massively competitive as both sides will be looking for the win. We feel that Fulham will scrape it today due to the home advantage.

Liverpool vs Sunderland - 3-0
Liverpool look like they have put together a strong side throughout the summer and I think they'll do well this year. We predict them to start well with a 3-0 victory at Anfield.

Newcastle vs Arsenal - 3-2
Newcastle may not be the strongest team at the moment, but neither are Arsenal. They look set to lose Nasri and Fabregas, and we feel the squad might not be in the right frame of mind today. We feel that they may lose 3-2.

QPR vs Bolton - 0-0
We can't see anyone coming out on top in this game, and we think it could be quite boring. We predict a 0-0 draw today.

Tottenham vs Everton - P-P
Unfortunately, the season won't start for these two teams straight away due to the riots that swept the country this week.

Wigan vs Norwich - 1-1
We don't think any side will come on top today, and therefore we predict a 1-1 result.

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