Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Is Edin Dzeko our new Shaun Goater?

I know it might sound a little silly, but there are a lot of similarities between Dzeko and the Bermudan striker who became very much a fans favourite during his time at the club. In terms of ability, Goater was nowhere near as talented as Dzeko, but he knew how to put the ball in the back of the net, and was a real goalscorer. Edin is just like this, and his record at Wolfsburg proves he can put the ball in the net when given some confidence. Of course, Goater found his level when he reached what is now known as the Championship in my opinion, and when we got promoted twice in 2000 and 2002 it was clear that he was not as effective, but he still scored goals.

Dzeko has the potential to become a City great
In my opinion, since Shaun Goater departed, we haven’t had a real poacher in front of goal until Dzeko arrived in January. Of course, we have bought the likes of Carlos Tevez and Robinho, but those two are different kind of players, who offer more than just putting the ball in the back of the net. However, every team needs an Edin Dzeko type player in their squad, because when your desperate for a goal, there’s not many like Dzeko when he is on form. He proved that on Sunday, by scoring 4 goals which were all of top class quality and varied each time. Some people refer to it as a ‘Golden Hat trick’ when scoring a goal with both feet and your head, and if you don’t believe his first 3 were golden, his last one was for sure, as he hit the ball first time into the top corner on the edge of the box, a shot that no keeper in the world would’ve saved.

Another similarity between the two is the difficulty they both had in settling in at the club. In both their first seasons at the club, both were regularly hounded by a small majority of fans, and it seemed like they would never gain the confidence they needed. However, with Joe Royle and Roberto Mancini putting faith in their respective players, they started grabbing goals and whilst Goater is now known as an icon for many fans, I have a feeling Dzeko will follow the same path in years to come. The service he is getting from Samir Nasri, Sergio Aguero and David Silva is frightening at times, and knowing that all he needs to do is stick the ball in the back of the net, Dzeko could easily be the league’s top scorer this season and for many seasons to come – and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

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